Ren in the Glen - Merchants

Ren in the Glen - Merchants 2017

Vendors | Food | Beers & Mead

The best merchants from all the known lands shall be converging on the Glen! From soap to leather, jewels to fine clothing, glass to herbs – find it at our most wondrous marketplace...

2017 Vendors


  • Black Dragon Root Beer & Pickles
  • Dragon Ice Cream · Ice cream and ice treats
  • Fruits of the Earth · Fresh baked breads, tasty spreads and fresh fruits
  • Kilt Burger · Burgers, brats, and sausages.
  • Sweet Clarisse · Roasted turkey legs, medieval pork chop, fish sandwiches, corn on the cob, french fries, steak bites, lemonade.
  • Nobudy's Bizness · Candy and fudge.


  • Autumn Essentials · Body powders, bath salts, body butters, essential oils and essential oil products
  • The Black Beade · Jewelry, weapons, fans, and miscellaneous treasure.
  • Black Dog Pottery · Stoneware pottery.
  • Boho Naturals · Natural organic body products with essential oils and raw crystals.
  • Brother Scott · Handwriting analysis.
  • BST Leather & Chain · scale jewelry, leather masks
  • Carufel Henna Designs · Henna, glitter tattoos, adult and children's hoops for play/entertaining.
  • Catapulting Frogs & Darts · Games
  • Claire's Creative Designs · Handmade earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.
  • Daydream Dragons · Polymer clay dragons and fairy garden accessories.
  • DOT Armory · Knives, swords and jewelry.
  • Drew's Blades · Knives, bottle openers, graven tools and other hand made blacksmithing items, jewelry, hand fans, bowls made out of oxen horn.
  • Earthly Smells · Essential oils and accessories, polymer clay figures.
  • Feathered Finery · Handmade feather hand fans, feather hat pins, steampunk style hat pins.
  • Godden's Garb · Clothing
  • Goody's Goods · Fabric pouches, leather wallets, pyrography/burned mug straps and bracelets, hair ribbons and barrettes.
  • Gypsy Mama's Secret Reiki Magic · Soap, bath salts, smudging sprays, tealights, candles, organites, past life readings, Reiki sessions, cleansing mixtures
  • Heidi's Haus · Soaps, beeswax candles, and balms.
  • Hissing Serpent Trading Company · Renaissance general store.
  • Hook & Jill · Author Andrea Jones's novels of Neverland for adults, The Hook & Jill Saga
  • In Lak'ech · Wire wrap jewelry, horse hair bracelets, ceramic goblets, pottery.
  • Iron Ranger Arts & Weaponry · Archery equipment, wooden swords and daggers, leather journals, and quill and ink stationery sets.
  • Katlyn Koester Designs · pottery, mugs, bowls, plates, vases, whistles, pendants, beaded suncatchers
  • KC Pottery · Handmade reduction fired stoneware pottery, dinnerware and more.
  • Leviticus & Lilith's Locs · Wool and synthetic dreadlocks, hair wraps, crystals, hair sticks, leather hair pins and more.
  • Mermaid's Sparkle Shop · Oysters guaranteed a pearl within, lockets for pearls, hand made clothing, Renaissance costumes, mermaid-pirate themed wares, whimsical glass art, pirate toys.
  • Mystic Moraine Minerals · minerals, crystals, polished stones, stone carvings, jewelry
  • MythicPhoenix · Art prints, pouches, charms
  • Nobudy's Bizness · Walking sticks, throwing axes
  • Pearadox Designs · Fairy garden items, crystalized shells, jewelry.
  • Peas in a Pod · Emblished glass, hand painted repurposed glassware, wine glasses, plates and cups
  • Ravenworks the Pirate's Chest · Pirate clothing, boots, wench wear, corsets, swords, baldrics and more.
  • Sheherazade's Daughters · belly dancing apparel, wands
  • Silver Fox Chainmaille & Leather · chainmail jewelry, scale mail, handmade journals, hand-tooled leather armor, sword baldrics, dagger frogs, pouches.
  • Stellar-Draco Beading and Chandlery · Candles, jewelry, fire-poi staffs, rosaries, prayer beads.
  • Vault 0 · Custom costumes and cosplay accessories.
  • Versalla LARP Supplies & Eccentricities · leather goods (armor, pouches, belts and waist cinchers), drinking horns, furs and tails, jewelry, clothing
  • Wayward Sun · Art prints, jewelry (gypsy/steampunk), handmade fans, leather pouches, hair garlands, soaps
  • Wearable Coinage · Jewelry made from coins from around the world
  • White Knight Arms · Swords, daggers, and other weapons
  • Wool O Wisp · Wool felt hats, bags, dreadlocks, birdhouses
  • Wuff Treats · homemade cat and dog treats.
  • Wun Good Turn · Wooden Bowls, wine hats, goblets, platters, and turned items.




Saturday July 28 - Sunday July 29, 2018
Rain or shine


Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


1442 Dunn St. Croix Road
Glenwood City, WI   54734


Parking: FREE


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